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Uniden SDS200 Desktop Stand Kit

This all-inclusive kit features two interchangeable side-mounted desktop stands, two black-oxide stainless steel pan head phillips screws and four adhesive-backed polyurethane rubber nonmarking feet. This kit adds a stand to the sides of the Uniden SDS200 radio system, offering a robust desktop-inspired positioning. Crafted from premium black PLA plastic filament, the kit boasts finely tuned print profiles that ensure ultimate strength and quality. This kit not only enhances functionality but also adds a touch of modernity to your radio system.

$25.00 USD

Stock: 3 in stock.

SKU / Part Number: PP-78012

Color: Black

Material: PLA Plastic Filament


Prop. 65 Warning

These interchangeable radio desktop stands are impeccably crafted from premium black PLA plastic filament and boast flawless quality, ensuring a perfect fit! Designed to seamlessly integrate all factory parts, this interchangeable parts kit serves as an attached side component for the Uniden SDS200 radio system. To install, simply secure the stands using the provided screws and you're all set! Also included and optional, are four adhesive-backed polyurethane rubber nonmarking feet for an any-surface grip or abrasion resistance. The elevated placement of the radio on the stand, along with the integrated cord hole, allows plug-in cables to be routed from any direction. Beyond enhancing functionality, it adds a touch of modernity to your radio system. Products are engineered, manufactured and produced in the United States of America (USA).

SKU / Part Number: PP-78012
Dimensions: 1.6 IN x 6 IN x 2.75 IN
Weight: 1 LBS.
Material: PLA Plastic Filament
Color: Black
Print Time: 16 hours
Post-Processing: Some support/s deburring.

Contains part number: PP-78012 (x2).
Contains McMaster-Carr part numbers: 95836A449 and 95495K15.
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